LeanFT as a tool for Continuous Testing and Delivery

The greatest challenge the software development procedure of today is pace and agility. The aspiration to attain such attributes has brought about the conceptualization and execution of development techniques like DevOps and Agile. The vital rule of each of the development techniques is continuous integration and testing in a bid to realize continuous delivery. This necessitates that the testing process is a cross-functional operation, engaging the complete team all through the lifecycle of the product. A continuous delivery situation entails users of the following sorts:
·         Development teams
·         QA testers
·         Engineers
·         Operations

The smooth progress of Continuous delivery is possible with nonstop testing. Nonstop Testing must apply the techniques and theories of QA process and agile development for a more proficient testing procedure. For this to be successful, the requirement is a mechanized back-to-back testing solution for implementation into the present development procedure. This will eliminate errors and facilitate continuity all through the cycle of development.

LeanFT as a mechanized functional testing tool

For achieving the above objective effectively, LeanFT is amongst the finest options. It’s a mechanized functional testing tool that has been built particularly for DevOps and Agile methodology. LeanFT is of help to DevOps and Agile in the shift-left. Agile as well as DevOps methodology give significance to correct planning and concentrate more on users. Agile has set apart the life cycle of development with the conceptualizing of the shift of the testing and integration process at each rung of the life cycle. As a testing tool, LeanFT is supportive of this trait of DevOps and Agile. As it fits effortlessly into the present IDEs, the testers and developers are able to optimize scripts and enhance maintenance. LeanFT is also of help in uncovering shortcomings early on in the development phase, thus lessening the bedlam of testing and debugging afterwards during the life cycle.


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